TRAINING HISTORIES of Michael Belzer and David Feldman:

Professor Michael Belzer:

Above: Michael Belzer throws David Feldman using a Reverse Hip Throw.

1966: Michael Belzer began training in Kodenkan Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu at nine years of age, under Sensei James A. Marcinkus.

1973: Completed Junior and Senior Jujutsu program. Received first degree black belt (shodan) at 16 years of age.

1974: Travelled to Japan for nine months of training at the International Headquarters for Aikido (under K. Ueshiba, and M. Saotome), and Shindo Muso ryu Jodo (Stick-fighting) under Takaji Shmizu, at the Rembukan Dojo, in Tokyo.

1976: Received second degree black belt (nidan) in Kodenkan Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu at 18 years of age.

1976-1981: Organized, managed and served for five years as Chief Instructor of two self defense jujutsu schools for youth and adults. The schools were sponsored by the Santa Monica Board of Education and the Westside YMCA. (As many as 100 students were enrolled in the youth program at the Westside YMCA), and at Malibu Jujutsu Kai, in Los Angeles, California.

1978: Captured first place in Black Belt division, A.J.J.F. National Jujutsu Championship.

Continued training in other martial arts over the years including Kodokan Judo, Taekwondo, Gosoku-Ryu Karate, Hapkido, Tai Mantis Gung-fu.

1978: Served as Regional Director of the American Judo and Jujutsu Federation. Coordinated the training activities of 15 local jujutsu schools.

1979: Received third degree black belt (sandan) in Kodenkan Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu at 21 years of age.

1979: Studied Jodo and martial culture under Donn F. Draeger, the leading authority on Hoplology (the study of weapons and fighting systems). Travelled with him for three weeks on a research field expedition throughout the Malaysian Peninsula while collecting data on the native weapons and fighting arts.

1979-1989: Trained in Filipino Kali/Escrima/JKD under Guro Dan Inosanto. Received Apprentice Instructor certification (1986).

1982-1983: Began organizing and editing for publication Donn F. Draeger's and Richard Hayes' research material on Hoplology theoretics and martial culture, privately published as "Hoplology Theoretics Vol. 1".

November 1984 - March 1985: Conducted a four month research expedition in the Philippines to study the traditional methods of Kali, Escrima, and Arnis. Travelled and trained throughout the islands with Guro Antonio Ilustrisimo ("Tatang Ilustrisimo").

1986-1992: Taught the "Principles of Jujutsu" at the Inosanto Academy in Marina del Rey, California.

January 1988: Assisted Professor Wally Jay (10th Dan Jujutsu) in writing the technique descriptions for his latest book titled "Small Circle Jujutsu".

March, 1988: Received the rank of "Silver Glove" in the French art of Savate.

October, 1988: Received the rank of Yodan - 4th Dan in Kodenkan Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu from the Shoshin Ryu and Southern California Jujutsu Association.

1990: Received 2nd Dan in Icho-Ryu Aikijutsu under Bernie Lau.

1993: Instructor trainer certification for Impact Personal Safety. Adrenal-Stress Full Contact Self Defense.

1995: Received 2nd degree Black Belt in Within Arms Reach, an executive protection system under Cliff Stewart.

1995: Established Realistic Scenario Training (RST) with David Feldman.

1996: Received 5th Dan in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujutsu from Jujutsu America.

2002: Participated in the 40 hour 5-day Rocky Mountain Combat Applications camp (RMCAT). Full force, Adrenal, Stress-Conditioning course ( with Hand, Stick, Knife, and Gun scenarios).

2002: Began private training in Cabales-Serrada Eskrima (Stick, Empty-Hand, Blade, short range system) under
Guro Khalid Khan. Received Advanced Instructor Certification (Dalawang Grado Pangalawang Guro) in 2003.

2003: Received Menkyo Kaiden (Full teaching license) of Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu under Prof. Tony Janovich.

2003: Received Instructor Certification in Protective Assault Control (PAC)under David Feldman. 2003: 2nd Dan, Protective Assault Control (PAC) under David Feldman.

2003: Advanced CQC Instructor Certification under Guro Hock Hockheim. Scientific Fighting Congress - Close Quarter Combat Group (Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun scenarios).


-Shoot/ Dont Shoot Judgment training at LAX Firing Range using interactive video system.
-Basic Firearm Safety under Cliff Stewart.
-"Concealed Carry" under John Fornum.
-"Instinct Shooting" under Payton Quinn.
-"Core Combatives" (predatory vs. affective combat) under Hunter Armstrong.


- Wilderness Survival semester class at California State University Northridge.
- Nine-day survival trip in the eastern Sierras.
- Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness. C.E.R.T. qualified under Los Angeles County Fire Department.
- Basic First Aid and CPR (Red Cross).
- Wilderness First Aid.


Michael Belzer's Certificates:



Guro David Feldman, is the Co-founder of Sabaku-jutsu, is a martial arts professional with over 20 years of experience in training and in teaching in the Martial Arts.

He holds rank and certification in the following systems:

1. Senior Instructor 7th dan (studied from Master Instructor Cliff W. Stewart, founder of Within Arms Reach 2004)

2. Sabaku Goshin Jujitsu 3rd dan (studied from Prof. Michael Belzer Dan Zan Ryu Menkyo Kaiden
7th dan 2005)

3. Hakkoryu Jujutsu 1st dan (U.S.M.C 1979-1982)

4. Western Boxing (U.S.M.C 1979-1982)

5. Aikido/Kenshusai (San Diego Aikikai Hombu style 1990-1995)
6. J.K.D./Kali/Silat (Inosanto method Inosanto acadamy 1994-1997,2005-2007)
7. Dalawang Grado Pangalawang Guro Advanced Instructor, Cabales Serrada Eskrima
(2003, studied from Master Instructor #13 Khalid Khan)

In addition, since 1992, he has been a defensive tactics consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department.

David has also provided training for the following organisations:

1. The United States Public Health Service.
2. Los Angeles Police Department.
3. Canadian National Institute for the Blind.
4. The United States Navy (S. W. C.).

5. The Department of Public Safety City of Norwalk.

David is also a combat firearms instructor and currently works as a security advisor
for an international corporation.

Kali/Silat: by David Feldman:

Guro David Feldman in addition to being a founder of Sabaku Jutsu, has also founded Kali Balangkas, in order to teach and promote the Philippine Martial Arts.

Borna in a time of war and occupation, the FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS have been time tested through the years by a culture that prides itslef on progression.

It is one of the most diverse martial arts available. Starting with the weapons (single stick) the student will progress to learning the empty hand methods of Boxing, Trapping, Sweeps, and Takedowns. Then the student moves on to the Grappling portion of this training style.

The Single Stick is the first part of learning to use the weapon. Throught a series of progressive training drills we develop striking, footwork, blocks, and deflections, trapping, and disarming. Weapon techniques enhances the students' hand-eye coordination, speed, and power. The Filipino Martial Arts has a lot to offer, come in and enjoy a class.

BOXING (PANANTUKAN): by David Feldman

Our boxing class consists of all the techniques of the ring. In addition, the art of the FILIPINO PANATUKAN adds such techniques as use of the elbows, knees, and short-range kicking. Your skills will be built on a platform of hand trapping, deflections, off-balancing, sweeps, and teakedowns.

For a good physical workout that indluced speed-power-endurance, and accuracy as a goal, come and start learning the art of boxing, Panantukan style.

Classes by appointment only:

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1 class : $25, 2 classes: $ 65, 4 classes:$ 100, on a per month basis.



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Los Angeles, California, USA